TAGteach Conference 16.-18. August 2019 Speakers / Prensenter

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Luca Canever - Italy

About Luca

- Learning is Success! Tales from a TAGteacher (Luca) and a TAGlearner (Luca's son)
- Precision teaching - What is it and how can you use this for your pracise

Practical labs
- Precision teaching - Try it yourself
- TAGteach and Speacial education - Practise some TAGpoints Luca used at his school
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Ann Bergeron - USA

About Ann
- Full Professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth, USA
- TAGTeach for Perfoming Artists
- Dog Sport Enthusiast

- A View from the Bridge: TAGteach and R(Evolution)

Practice Session
- Dance 1001 - Thought you could never dance? Well think again and try!
- Stand tall with Alexander Technique - TAGteach to improve your every day health and presence!
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Theresa McKeon - USA

About Therea
Founding member of TAGteach international
High Level Gymnastics Coach
Author: Don't Nag... TAG!
Corporate and Industrial Consultant
Clicker Expo & WOOF Speaker
Animal Trainer

- The Instruction Blacksmith - Forge your informations into useful instructions for your learner

Practice Session
- To be decided
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Eva Bertilsson - Sweden

About Eva
TAGteach Faculty Member
Dog Trainer
Agility-Book Author
Animal Trainer
Clicker-Expo & WOOF Speaker


Train the Trainer - Learning what "hat" to wear when thinking, planning, training for all learners, use Flowcharts, Role-Play and other tools.

Practice Session
Flowcharts - A great tool to teach students decision skills and make instructions clearer. Get to practice working with Flowcharts.
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Taylor McCaffrey - England

About Taylor
Orientation and Mobility Specialist for the Visually Impaired
Rehabilitation Teacher for the Visually Impaired 
Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed
Clinical Animal Behavior Masters Student
Originally from the Bronx, NY. Currently work for Guide Dogs UK.

Teaching what can't be seen - TAGteach with learners who are Blind or Visually Impaired

Practice Session
Teach without physical prompts, targets or demonstrations - Practice to teach using very clear descriptive language, Landmarks and TAGteach skills. Experience being a blind learner.
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Tess Erngreen - Norway

About Tess
Bachelor in Applied Psychology
Animal Behaviorist
Owner GoodDog - Dogtraining School

TAGteach as a Tool in Exposure Therapy

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Claudia Moser

About Claudia
Sports Teacher
Animal Trainer
TAGteach Faculty Member
Owner Clickerzentrum

- Empowering our learners - How to use the different TAGteach tools to build confidence, motivation and self-efficacy

Practice Session
- Learn to do LindyHop and Charleston
- Want to teach your animal some tricks? - Here's how